Making the most out of 48 hours in Rome

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I’m not sure where to begin except that I’m sorry I disappeared for almost half a year? It is now the end of December, as I sit in a cafe in snowy Canada, with study abroad months in my past. Yet, there isn’t a day that I didn’t miss writing or the adventures of my whirlwind European journey. So, please indulge with me here as I reminisce on the warmer days of my ~first solo venture~ to Rome, Italy! 

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Marseille, France

I’d like to officially announce that I’m in love with the south of France – if I wasn’t sure before, I am 100% positive now. The first few steps into Marseille, it’s a little bit run down and strange and you’re not really sure what you’ve gotten yourself into, other than the fact that it was only €2 to get here. Walk a little bit further and you’re greeted with the beautiful port and now you’re not really sure you want to ever leave. 

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沖縄 | Okinawa

As much as I love being from Tokyo, this city has half my heart. Maybe because it explains why I don’t look stereotypically Japanese, or because it’s home – despite never having lived there, it carries a feeling of nostalgia. If you ever get the chance to visit Japan, I would highly recommend stopping by the island of Okinawa for palm trees, beaches and delicious food.

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