april showers bring may flowers

Earlier last month, my friend and I decided to go explore the area around our university. We live in a small town in Ohio so there’s not much but small quaint shops and places to dine. Go a little further however, and you’ll find large and lush green trees, vast fields, unknown places of magic you have to look a little harder to find.

We wanted to have our own fun photoshoot (because what teenage girl doesn’t?), so I grabbed my camera, we brought along our favorite winter to spring outfits and set out.

cardigan – Urban Outfitters

grey, white and denim: 90s vibes

Our first outfits are simple but comfy – we felt they embodied a bit of a 90s vibe. Laidback but sophisticated with their high necklines and classic denim. We added pops of color with our head pieces to transition into the spring season.

Ayano: Outfit #1

shirt - H&M, shorts - Topshop,  flower crown - Forever 21
shirt – H&M, shorts – Topshop, flower crown – Forever 21


I paired a white turtleneck shirt that has a slight texture that makes it a little more unique. I love this pair of highwaisted shorts because they’re classic and flattering.

Trang: Outfit #1

IMG_1014 IMG_0983

For my second outfit, I chose a blouse I found at a vintage store in Short North at downtown Columbus. If you guys are ever in the area, I definitely recommend you checking out the district. It’s not huge but its artsy and there’s plenty of good food!

IMG_1312 IMG_1334

My friend’s second outfit is definitely more modern but still has the same boho vibe. She paired a colorful festival perfect top withย a classic pair of jean shorts – ready to wear for any summer festivals coming your way.


I’ll be posting the last outfit photos in my next blogpost so stay tuned for that! I hope you guys liked my first official post and leave comments below for thoughts, feedback, opinions, aaanything. In the meantime, if you want to see some more photos from our photoshoot, I’ve created a gallery below so enjoy and hope your “modeling” skills don’t make you laugh too hard ๐Ÿ˜›

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