flowers & showers part 2

So I had it all planned out that I would be posting the second part of my outfit post (april showers bring may flowers) a week after I posted the original but due to my never ending procrastination I failed and am only bringing it to you now 😭
I hope you guys enjoy these sorts of posts and comment down below to tell me what kind you would like to see!

My last outfit features one of my favorite styles of dresses – some call it a T-neckline or a halter, but its in this bright blue turquoise color that’s perfect for the spring and summer. It’s made of a chiffon like material that’s lightweight and flouncy so it’s not overbearingly hot, and the straps crisscross to an open back. I paired it with a pink bralette from American Eagle/Aerie for added color and detail.

dress - Urban Outfitters, bralette - Aerie
dress – Urban Outfitters, bralette – Aerie


My friend’s last outfit featured a simple white flowy top and this really cool galaxy print hi-low skirt. Towards the end, we really got into the groove and flow, feeling at ease of having our photos taken, and it actually ended up being a lot of fun. So if any of you want to have an impromptu photo shoot with your friends but are feeling nervous, just go for it!

flowy white top and galaxy high-low skirt
flowy white top and galaxy high-low skirt

IMG_1767 IMG_1858

My friend’s Fujifilm polaroid is from Urban Outfitters in this beautiful turquoise color. We both also love wearing jewelry to compliment our outfits and make them pop!

If you guys wanna see a little bit of the behind the scenes of our shoot and watch us in action then watch the video below 🙂

Hope you guys enjoyed and I’ll see you in my next post!

sunflower & daisy


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