Out of the Woods

My brothers and I have always shared similar hobbies – it started with soccer and tennis, and over time has grown to include fashion and photography. As frustrating as they can be, its nice to have a “friend” who’s always willing to go do things with you. My older brother and I are back home in Tokyo, Japan as we currently have winter breaks, which I love because it gives me more time to explore my creative outlets that I don’t get to when I’m at school.


I’m sorry that this photoshoot is catered towards men’s fashion but I’ve always been more comfortable being behind the camera and cultivating my photography skills!

img_4537my younger brother Takumi

My older brother of a year and 9 months refers to himself as a “hypebeast” – he loves following trends and has a shoe collection more impressive than my own.

img_4552sweatshirt – Supreme, jeans – UNIQLO, shoes – adidas x Raf Simons 

The black jeans were a staple of my brother’s as are mine especially during the winter season. Invest in a pair of good quality, staple items that you can layer to create multiple looks without having to break the bank and buy a whole new closet with every season.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post, I’d love to hear your thoughts, feedback, anything! I’ve made it my resolution to update this blog more frequently and I’m super pumped about it. I will also be traveling a lot this year so keep your eyes posted! Till then, xx.



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