TV Shows to Binge Watch this Winter Season

Unlike the majority of the sane world, winter is one of my favorite seasons. A cozy blanket, soft sweaters, warm cup of tea as snow drifts down, blanketing every surface so you live in a white winter wonderland – what’s not to love?
But… my other favorite part has to be the break from the hustle and bustle and hair-tearing stress from college. It’s a chance to unwind and recharge before the second semester dawns on us, and for me, it mostly means binge-watching all my favorite tv shows. But if you’re like me and you inhale them faster than a warm pan of freshly baked cookies, you might run out of things to watch. So here I present a list of some of my favorite tv shows that I beg you watch so we can obsess over them together.

  1. Scandal


Probably the most dramatic one on the list, Scandal is so intense I occasionally have to take breaks in between seasons to catch my breath…but it is SO. DANG. GOOD. Kerry Washington stars as boss ass bitch Olivia Pope in this political thriller, as she handles crises upon crises in the scandalous, corrupted world of politics. Plus, there’s a hot romance between her and the President which gives me all the #feels #TeamFitz

2. New Girl


New Girl has been likened to the famously loved show Friends, as Jess Day (aka Zooey Deschanel) shares a flat with her 3 male roommates. All I can say is, I want to live in this flat. I want them to be my best friends. I love each and every single character and I always get excited when a new episode comes out because it means I can unwind after a long day.

You also get great lines from Jake Johnson like “I’ve never been an inspiration before…I don’t like this much responsibility.”

3. The Mindy Project


Mindy Kaling is my spirit animal. If I can’t be her, I want her to be my cool aunt that buys me fun things and I can get drunk with. All I can say is, watch it. 

4. Reign


I don’t watch many “historical romance” tv shows, but I took the plunge with Reign and soon I fell into a black hole. Despite all the scandals and drama, and people getting beheaded, and losing all your favorite characters, I can’t get enough. Also Queen Mary gets to wear drool worthy dresses and her relationship with King Frances makes me want to cry at my lack of a love life…but in a good way!

5. Hart of Dixie


It breaks my heart to write that this show no longer airs, and it may be an oldie but its still a goodie.

Hart of Dixie follows Rachel Bilson as a doctor from New York City who moves to a small town called Bluebell, Alabama, where everyone knows everyone and their business. She starts out as a big city doctor who pretends to be incapable of emotion but in attempts to win this small town over, begins to discover herself. If there was any fictional tv town I could live in, it would be this one. It follows a slew of amazing characters who all love their town and also all fall in love with each other. 

6. This is Us


This show was ordered for a second season the night the pilot episode aired. It had me BAWLING 6 episodes in on the first season and I haven’t been able to stop since. Despite it only being halfway through its first season, this show has already become one of my favorites. Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia (I’m very proud I spelled that right on the first try) are cast as roles of the parents and it follows their lives as well as their childrens after they’re all grown up. It’s complicated, it’s heartbreaking, but like life can be, it’s also absolutely beautiful. 

7. You’re the Worst


I started this show 2 days ago and I’m already halfway through the third season. There I said it, I HAVE A PROBLEM. This show is in so many ways NSFW, but also laugh out loud funny and plain fucking weird. It follows Jimmy and Gretchen, two pessimists terrified of commitment, who are seemingly perfect for each other. They struggle to deal with their emotions, and while I am appalled at how they’re classified as adults, its still a great watch.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this kind of post, and if you did, please let me know! Or comment some ideas about other posts you would like to see. Till then! 


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