Out of the Woods

My brothers and I have always shared similar hobbies – it started with soccer and tennis, and over time has grown to include fashion and photography. As frustrating as they can be, its nice to have a “friend” who’s always willing to go do things with you. My older brother and I are back home in Tokyo, Japan as we currently have winter breaks, which I love because it gives me more time to explore my creative outlets that I don’t get to when I’m at school.

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flowers & showers part 2

So I had it all planned out that I would be posting the second part of my outfit post (april showers bring may flowers) a week after I posted the original but due to my never ending procrastination I failed and am only bringing it to you now 😭
I hope you guys enjoy these sorts of posts and comment down below to tell me what kind you would like to see!

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april showers bring may flowers

Earlier last month, my friend and I decided to go explore the area around our university. We live in a small town in Ohio so there’s not much but small quaint shops and places to dine. Go a little further however, and you’ll find large and lush green trees, vast fields, unknown places of magic you have to look a little harder to find.

We wanted to have our own fun photoshoot (because what teenage girl doesn’t?), so I grabbed my camera, we brought along our favorite winter to spring outfits and set out.

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